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Comes to art through strong use of color, embracing the abstract.

In his works acrylic becomes a tool that lets the unconscious express, by doing to emerge dream visions.

Subjects: abstract.

Techniques: acrylic on canvas and on wood

Graziano Riccio born in Cosenza in 1979, moved to Rome for several years now. In 2016, He embarked on the artistic path, finally giving free rein to his passion for painting, at first with acrylics on canvas and later on wooden boards, thanks to the discovery of the Stratigraphic Spatula and the guidance of international Art Master Mario Salvo.

In May 2022 he signed the Manifesto of the "Stratigraphics" which brings together the artists who adopt a particular painting technique, which involves the subsequent chromatic superimposition of material portions of color with the spatula.

"My art plays on the following elements: the deformation of reality, the chromatic accentuation, the violent use of colors that strongly recalls the imprinting that has distinguished the members of the French Fauvism movement.

I like to impress the eye of the beholder, kidnap it and bring it inside the painting, using the freedom in the creation of images: in some cases they are places and presences that come deliberately from my subconscious, in other cases I take a cue from reality and I like to transfigure it, deface it and project it into a dystopian reality." 



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